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Jody Walker

If you’ve never come across loveislandbeauty, then you are in for a treat! I started watching her natural hair videos on YouTube – of course! :0) – and quickly noticed her simple yet sexy style and amazing make up! I find myself trying to re-create some of her make up looks… lets just say, I need a little more practice! lol!

Check out her answers to the LBN Spotlight Questions!

How long have you been natural
I have been natural for a little over two years now. I transitioned for three months and big chopped November 20th 2009. It was the most liberating feeling in the world! Free of relaxers and completely ME.

What made you decide to go natural
Personally I feel a woman is most beautiful in her natural state. A strong, bold, fierce DOPE beautiful natural woman is breathtakingly refreshing. I wanted that. Compliments on my hair are so much better now that my hair is completely natural and mine! Before going natural I always wore weaves, and braids. The styles were cute, but they were fake. Anyone could recreate it. But my natural hair is my OWN. No one will have my curl pattern. No ones twist out will look exactly like mine. It’s a very rewarding and gratifying feeling.

Did you big chop? Or Transition?
I guess I did a little of both. Since I only transitioned for 3 months, when I big chopped my hair was extremely short. I got to enjoy every stage of going natural. I will never cut my hair again, so it was nice to go through the extremely short stage.

Do you think anyone can go natural?
Ofcourse! It just takes a little research on possible styles, products, and wash and twist routines that could work for you and your hair type. Youtube is a great place to start.! J J lol

Is it ‘Just Hair’ or do you feel it’s more than that?
I feel It’s more than that. Natural hair is beautiful and a way of expressing your self. Everyone who goes natural and WORKS it kills the idea that natural hair is ugly and should be relaxed. It’s a movement! J


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  1. Mary W. McKinney says:

    Like the sexy hair dos. Still working on my natural look. Hope to post some pics soon.

  2. Yolanda says:

    Loveislandbeauty is one of my faves on YouTube. I wish she would do more videos though. Her hair is always beautiful, make-up fierce and her personal style is so cute. Love you Loveislandbeauty!

    • luvbeinnatural luvbeinnatural says:

      Yes!! I love her too!! She is such a gorgeous woman! I’ll pass the message along and maybe between the two of us, we can get her to upload a few more videos! :0)

  3. Keyana says:

    I just watched a few of her vids on YT and I must agree… She is beautiful. Vids have JUST ENOUGH info with out over kill :) … She is in my top 5 now… MORE VIDS PLEASE Lol

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